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The latest Dakar Fashion Week , ended on June 23th . I didn't have the chance to attend the event but I got some exclusive infos and photos to share with you .  That was the 11th Dakar Fashion Week and was organized by Adama Ndiaye , the woman behind French label Adama Paris.

The idea was to gather influential fashion personalities and designers (both local and international) to celebrate Fashion in Senegal over a week through activities like Fashion Shows but also exhibitions , Art shows and of course parties ...

18 designers took part to the event:  Adama Paris , Oumou Sy and five other designers from Senegal , Habib Sangare and Elie Kuame from Côte d’Ivoire , Carol Barreto from Brazil , Helmer Joseph from Haiti , Evgheni Hudorojcov from Moldova and also designers from France , MoroccoGuinea Bissau , Germany , Benin and Lebanon

The shows were scheduled to be held in three different locations throughout Dakar. One was staged on "boulevard du centenaire" Street (a working-class surburb) . According to the organizer , this decision was taken to help reducing the gap between High Fashion and working-classes . " It is very important to show that beautiful things are not only for rich people" ,she said .  Adama Ndiaye said that the clothes she displayed in the street show were of the same quality - and cost - as those that were to be featured later in the weekend at a luxury seaside hotel. "I want this neighborhood to see what we have, and if it's a gown for 1,000 euros, then who cares? You don't have to be rich to like Dior," she said while prepping the staging area behind the runway, which was assembled on a sandy clearing normally used as a marketplace. *

I am very happy and proud to see the quality of work done by Adama Ndiaye and her team to create as a high standard event as possible . I love what designer Elie Kuame (Côte d'Ivoire /Liban) did! His creations are so completely bold and creative. It's like being in another world :  wild and precious and sophisticated at the same time . Huge Crush !

The pictures are amazing and the models look stunning , Senegalese girls are indeed brown goddesses . Also, this idea of staging a show in the street is just brilliant !  Here in Africa people are so afraid of fashion , leave alone high fashion ... Bringing fashion to the street was the thing to "A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion" , said Chanel.

Here is a collection of the most striking photos from Dakar Fashion Week 2013 that I hope you're going to like . Don't forget to leave your thoughts via the comments form below. Thanks again to Omar Victor Diop for the great pictures ( Full credits at the end of the post), Enjoy !

Adama Paris
Adama Paris
Helmer Joseph
Habib Sangaré
Elie Kuame
Elie Kuame

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