Jessi M'bengue : An Ivorian Model in " Blurred Lines "


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Family & Chilhood

Jessika was born in southern France, from an unconditional love between her parents. Her mother is French with a Muslim Algerian heritage and her father is Ivorian-Senegalese and Christian. 2 horizons in Africa, 2 religions but that’s love and sometimes comes miracles...
"It was not easy",she said and after extended families disowned her parents union, it was only the 3 of them until her little brother, David was born, which made them, a united front of 4.
Her parents were rather young when they had her and she always felt more of a sister than a daughter. While her family moved back to Africa, she preferred to stay in France. She was such a trouble maker she says, but managed to finish school because she was driven.  Her dream was Canada. So Toronto became her project for the following 3 years. She learned english, passed the TOEFL exam, did the required paperwork and took off. Jessi was accepted in all schools she applied. She moved into her apartment, in Toronto, for which she paid a year up front with her dad’s help but 3 days later,  she kissed her dream goodbye her studio went up in flames.

Struggle, depression, exhaustion…, it was hard, very hard and so cold. After six months, she was scouted by Chantale Nadeau, who would become her manager, her confident, sort of like another mother. Chantal groomed Jessi and made her the model and the woman she is today.

“I had no idea what she was talking about. How can a half shaved red headed tomboy could become a beauty icon? I thought she was making fun of me.“ But then , I really noticed that everything that people disliked about my physical traits, my ethnic background and my personality while growing up in France, here, in Canada, people love and praised everything about it.” 
Chantale Nadeau was my rock. She was there for me and believed in me. Chantale saw in me something I could have never seen for myself. She taught me everything and put me in front of a camera. That’s when it clicked. It was like I was born to be a model“. 

From Canada, Jessi moved to Hong Kong before finally landing in NYC. Even today , She tells me , when she looks at her pictures, she still can not believe it’s her. “I am a full fledged working model in New York City, its crazy” she adds “Here I was taught that I am Beautiful” and continues “Ever since, every time I am in front of a camera, I become that beautiful, charming, attractive woman

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Jessi was born to model ! She pursued her dream and is one of the hottest models right now . She is with Next Model Management and is doing great . It was a delight to see her in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video.
When I first hit the play button on youtube , my first thought was : "Who's that brown stunner ?" , she looks so lovely in the video ! Emily Ratajkowsk and  Elle Evans (the other models) are gorgeous too (flawless casting ), but something happened with Jessi and I fell for the brown-skinned model .

I really really love this video ! The very cool old-school vibe , the crazy-funny scenes , the light lyrics and this beat that gives you the party mood ! The models are too cute and Robin's eyes are mesmerizing , you know what I mean . It's just perfect . The thing I actually like the most about this video is Jessi and how she gives me the "Yes We Can" state of mind , Yes it's possible ! Yes I'll make it , Yes I'll fight for it !

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