Editorial Crush : Black Ice

Fashion Editorial : “Black Ice”
Photography : Ada Emihe of Avaloni Studios
Make Up: Dele Alakija
Model : Karen Bengo


  1. j'aime bcp... magnifique en effet, surtout l'avant derniere photo !


  2. Excellent shoot,your blog is awesome§I'm a South African living in Abidjan for a few months.I wish I could see more blogs like yours, this country has a plethora of cultures ,,fashion and art,it should really shown to the rest of the world :)

  3. Stunning photoshoot,the photographer is a virtuoso! Your blog is awesome by the way,I'm a South African living in Abidjan, this city has a plethora of cultures,fashion and art,it should really be shown to the rest of the world :)


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